risk assessment

Risk Assessments

Accurate analysis and solutions to your hazards and risks

Safety Delivery provides risk assessments that recognise and quantify your health and safety hazards. We will assess the risks accurately through the application of human acumen and scientific measurement.

Our risk assessments consultancy covers all relevant aspects including:

  • Risk management, strategy and policy
  • Systems management
  • Practical and legal requirements
  • HSE’s ‘controlling risks'
  • Matrix scorecard assessment and maintenance
  • Health, safety and welfare
  • Environment
  • Category assessments – DSE, COSHH, PPE, manual handling etc
  • Competence and suitability
  • Preventive and protective control measures
  • Evaluation and audit

The flexibility of our service means that we can deliver risk assessments in time slots which will suit your business. And our expertise will ensure that the service covers the key issues in your specific environment and meets your own special and distinctive requirements.

Our focus is always on you. We will deliver our services on site - delivery at your door - and provide you with ‘one price fits all’ packages to guarantee transparency and clarity.

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